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Wine-Dark Sea

Yarn Base
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Did you know that the Ancient Greek's didn't have a word for the color blue? For this reason, many Ancient Greek works like the Illiad and the Odyssey use descriptions for water that refer to how dark it is rather than the color itself.

Yarn Base

Dyed on Idiots in Love
aDKweight yarn base

  • 50% Merino Wool
  • 50% Mulberry Silk


  • 100g
  • 231 yards

Shipping Info

Orders are shipped out weekly.


I try to keep batches as similar as possible, but due to the nature of hand dyeing in small batches, all skeins may have slight variations in pattern and color.

Yarn is dyed in a pet-friendly but smoke-free environment. All fiber blends should be considered a .0001% dog-hair blend as I cannot guarantee there wont be a stray Pico hair or two on the yarn :D