Yarn Bases

General Care Instructions

Some of my yarns are ok to machine wash, but should be washed on gentle cycle.

For best results, hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.


Please note that yarn *may* have some color bleed when washed. Fuchsia/magenta especially are notorious for not rinsing clear after many, many, many, many, many rinses.


Fingering weight
80% Superwash Merino
10% Cashmere
10% Nylon
460 yards/100g

A common trope found in fanfiction that stands for "One True Threesome".
The three fibers - merino, cashmere, and nylon - go together so well and are so versatile that they are truly the OT3 of fiber! It's perfect for making accessories and garments that will be against the skin, giving you the same warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when reading about your fav thruple.

Gentle machine wash: OK

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Star-Crossed Lovers

Fingering Weight
75% SW Merino
20% Nylon
5% Lurex (Sparkle)
440 yards/100g

Merino, nylon, and a sparkling silver strand twist and cross like the strands of fate that bind unfortunate souls who are destined to orbit each other, but never live happily ever after.
Unlike the star-crossed lovers that this yarn is named for, you will certainly get your dazzling happy ending! Items created with this yarn will surround you with sparkles as if highlighting you as the main love-interest in an anime.

Gentle machine wash: OK

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Solemate AU

Fingering weight
100% Superwash Polwarth Wool
437 yards/100g

Merino/Nylon blends might be canon for socks, but what if you could ditch the nylon and keep the softness and sturdiness in a 100% wool base? Solemate AU is a 100% Superwash Polwarth yarn that will change your headcanon for “best sock yarn” forever!

No need for an Alternate Universe, because the Polwarth sheep is a cross breed of Merino and Lincoln. It has a lot of the softness and loft of Merino, and gets strength due to the longer staple length from the Lincoln.

Gentle machine wash: OK

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DK weight
50% Superwash Merino/50% Mulberry Silk
231 yards/100g

Silk is the strong silent type, providing strength and eye-catching shine from across the room. Merino is soft and lovely, warm and luxurious against the skin. When paired together they create a fabric that drapes beautifully; much like a couple of oblivious idiots in love drape all over each other.  

Gentle machine wash: OK

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Huddling For Warmth

Aran weight
80% Superwash Merino
10% Cashmere
10% Nylon
181 yards/100g

When faced with dire circumstances in cold climes, you favs may be forced to huddle for warmth to survive. this gorgeous and fluffy yarn will create objects that make you feel like the characters successfully huddling together to beat out the cold that threatens them.

Gentle machine wash: OK

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Canon Divergent

Varied fiber content, amount, and weight

Canon divergent fanworks follow along the original inspiration but at a point diverge to explore and expand upon "what-ifs" in detail. These yarns are exactly the same kind of explorations as those fanworks. Some are just because it's fun to experiment with new things, some are trying to figure out the perfect lace weight yarn for shawls, or a beautiful bulky weight for a quick project. All of them are beautiful in their own way whether or not they become canon. but if you fall in love, snatch them up, cause they may never come back

Gentle machine wash: Varies

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