Yarn dyed just for you!

Don't see something from your favorite fandom? Ever wanted a specific color yarn made just for you?

Commission custom yarn and get exactly what you want! Just pick which type of commission and  fill out the form below! I'll get back to you about making it a reality as soon as I can!

Since they are dyed to order and can sometimes require ordering yarn or formulating new dye colors, commissions generally require 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled. 

Beta Dyer

Full commission

If you want as much control as possible, then become a Beta Dyer! Not only do you get to prompt the inspiration, but you also get to approve color choices and pick the dye method and the type of yarn! At the end you end up with beautiful yarn that was dyed JUST FOR YOU! How many people can say that?!

Starts @ $20 + price of yarn
(plus shipping)

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Existing colorway, different base

Love one of my colorways, but want it on a different base? Commission a Bodyswap and you can have your favorite color and your favorite yarn in one package!

Starts @ $5 + price of yarn
(plus shipping)

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The AU

Overdye commission

We all have yarn in our stash that we just aren't in love with the color of. Maybe it was a gift, or you bought it as part of a mystery yarn bag, or you couldn't pass up a great deal and it just felt sooooo squishy! In an Alternate Universe, it would be a different color and you would have the PERFECT project for it! Well, I can transport it to an alternate universe where it is a different color and then send it back to you in all its new glory!

(plus shipping)


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