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Underwater Kiss

Yarn Base
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I absolutely adore the Percy Jackson books. I didn't read them until I was over 30, but something about the story and characters just really clicked with me. I've always loved mythology and magic, but Riordan added an extra special twist that is near and dear to my heart: A bunch of misfit neurodiverse kids learning how to harness what others perceive as a weakness to become a critical part of their journey to become heroes. Truthfully, my journey back to fandom started here with very personally relatable characters and struggles that helped me to understand myself better.

Inspiration: Percy and Annabeth from Rick Riordan's Hero's of Olympus Book series

Grey and sea green whirl together in a tonal vortex just and Percy and Annabeth are inevitably brought together in the Heroes of Olympus Book Series.

Yarn Base

Dyed on OT3
a fingering weight yarn base

  • 80% Superwash Merino
  • 10% Cashmere
  • 10% Nylon


  • 100g
  • 435 yards

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Orders are shipped out weekly.


I try to keep batches as similar as possible, but due to the nature of hand dyeing in small batches, all skeins may have slight variations in pattern and color.

Yarn is dyed in a pet-friendly but smoke-free environment. All fiber blends should be considered a .0001% dog-hair blend as I cannot guarantee there wont be a stray Pico hair or two on the yarn :D