Shire Fields - Idiots In Love

Shire Fields - Idiots In Love

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Truthfully, this colorway turned out nothing like I planned.

I dyed this one based on a random selection of viewer prompts during my 20 subscribers celebration on Twitch. The winning prompt was "Green Power Ranger". The plan was to dye parts of the skein green, leave some parts white, and some parts gold. But the green ended up taking over... It looked so pretty though that I couldn't help but think of the lush green fields in the Shire that Hobbits call home-sweet-home.

It just goes to show that sometimes things don't go as planned, but you end up with something amazing despite it!

Yarn Base

Dyed on Idiots in Love a DK weight yarn base

  • 50% Merino Wool
  • 50% Mulberry Silk


  • 100g
  • 231 yards

Shipping Info

Orders will be shipped within 3-5 days of order.


I try to keep batches as similar as possible, but due to the nature of hand dyeing in small batches, all skeins may have slight variations in pattern and color.

Yarn is dyed in a pet-friendly but smoke-free environment. All fiber blends should be considered a .0001% dog-hair blend as I cannot guarantee there wont be a stray Pico hair or two on the yarn :D